US/Japan Workshop on Compact Torus Plasmas

The role of flow in compact torus plasmas

Swarthmore College, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Thursday-Saturday, November 2-4, 2006

Conference organizers: Tsutomu Takahashi, Nihon University and Mike Brown, Swarthmore

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Here are recent flow results from SSX (setup left, merging middle, single spheromak right).




Here's a downloadable poster for the US/Japan Workshop.

First announcement went out July 17, 2006. Second announcement soon.

Second announcement went out Sept 11, 2006. Details soon.

Abstract details went out Sept 13, 2006. Please submit your abstracts by Friday, Oct. 13, 2006.

Registration fee will be $100US and will be payable in cash the first day of the conference (Friday, Nov. 3). Registration helps pay for the banquet and refreshments.

Abstracts are due Friday Oct. 13. Please submit a one-page pdf file by e-mail to M. Brown The abstract should have approximately the following format.

Your best option for transportation is the Septa Regional Rail R3 line. Here's a schedule. To get to the reception Thursday evening, you must catch the 9365 express train at 5:11 PM at Market East. To get to the banquet Friday night, you must catch the 386 train at 5:54 PM at Swarthmore. Here's a recommended itinerary.

This workshop will immediately follow the APS-DPP meeting in Philadelphia. Your best option for housing would be to stay at the APS-DPP conference hotel (Philadelphia Marriott) through Saturday Nov. 4. The hotel is near the banquet site and close to the regional rail line to Swarthmore College.

The evening symposium will be held in Science Center 199 at 7 PM. All technical sessions will be held in Science Center 128 (Friday afternoon and Sat morning).


Likely attendees

Y. Ono, E. Kawamori, S. Takashi (Tokyo)

M. Nagata, Y. Kikuchi (Hyogo)

T. Takahashi, T. Asai, Y. Matsuzawa (Nihon)

M. Inomoto (Osaka)

M. Brown, C. Cothran (Swarthmore)

M. Schaffer (GA)

P. Bellan (Caltech)

L. Steinhauer, B. Nelson, U. Shumlak, R. Milroy, R. Smith, A. Redd, K. Miller (Washington)

T. Intrator, X. Tang, P. Sieck, J. Wang (Los Alamos)

S. Gerhardt (Princeton)

D. Ryutov, C. Romero-Talamas (Livermore)


Upcoming Events

Housing deadline is Oct 6. Abstract deadline is Friday Oct 13.



Thursday evening, 7 PM, Nov. 2, US/Japan symposium on "US/Japan cooperation in fusion energy research" (public forum with Y. Ono and L. Steinhauer, M. Brown presiding), Science Center 199. Reception at 6:15 PM in the foyer.

Here's a downloadable poster for the Symposium.

Here's a list of participants and detailed schedule.

Friday morning, Nov. 3, SSX tour and poster session, Science Center Commons (refreshments served)

Friday afternoon, Nov. 3, oral presentations, Science Center 128

Friday evening, Nov. 3, banquet, Maggiano's, downtown Philadelphia, 7 PM

Saturday morning, Nov. 4, oral presentations, Science Center 128

Saturday afternoon, Nov. 4, guided tour of old Philadelphia (for those interested)



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