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3D Data Visualizer

To interpret the three-dimensional data produced by the magnetic probe, we have created an IDL visualizer application. The user is able to view various features of the data while scanning through time or rotating the image in real time. From the raw magnetic field data, the application can calculate field lines, the J vector field, flux isosurfaces, and other features.

The images below were created using computer-created data, since real data has not yet been taken. The images have been scaled down to fit smaller screen resolutions.

Below, the view is zoomed out place the data in context. The copper-colored rings represent the edge of the flux conservers, immediately inside the walls of the vacuum chamber. The yellow lines trace the magnetic fieldlines.

Here, the program draws isosurfaces of constant poloidal magnetic flux.

The red arrows below represent the data measured from the probe- the magnetic field vectors. The blue vectors represent current density. At the bottom of the screen are plots of total magnetic energy and high-energy particle flux as a function of time.

Here, the program displays wireframe isosurfaces of constant magnetic field energy.

March 29, 2000 /