Michael Brown

Professor of Physics, Chair
Swarthmore College
(610) 328-8648
email: doc@swarthmore.edu

Teaching 2002-2014:

First Year Seminar on Energy:

APS Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution:

Research interests:

Senior honors/published alums (SSX and dynamo):

Other student researchers:

Experience and Education:

Here's a copy of my CV.
Here are some of my papers.
Here are some pretty pictures of the sun.



Here are some pretty pictures of my family (Dawn, Leah (29), Violet (20), and Zoe (16)) and the SSX-2002 research group (postdoc Chris Cothran, Matt, Andrew, Abram, Rachel, doc). Leah is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College 2003-7. Violet now attends Carleton College